Tuitions, tuitions, oh, tuitions,

They lead us to so many illusions,

Running from here to there we have no time,

To fill our brains with anything but grime.


Our Gujju man is a chemistry fan,

A trip to America is in his plan,

A prospective NASA scientist, or so he said,

If he’d leave there wouldn’t be even a tear shed.


The physics class, was at times a farce,

Her trusted lieutenant, Badu, was a complete arse,

The torture was unbearable, the teaching was little,

She moulded our brains into being unusable and brittle!


The biology class was across the street,

We’d get rapped on the knuckles, if we’d dare cheat,

A toffee was the incentive to answer well,

It was my favourite class, down to every cell.


Mathematics was taught at a shady little place,

In a building below the Kennedy bridge, at night we’d go,

When the classes were done there wasn’t even a crow,

Just dressed up women, who we thought would give us a chase,

After hours, from that place, all of us would race.


They taught us what we never knew,

Their eccentricities, however, turned us black and blue,

Rivalries and factions were always formed,

Putting our poor souls in the midst, how would we perform?

Its just two years, we have to bear,

Cause to go against them we would not dare!










2 thoughts on “Tuitions!

  1. There once was a boy named harsh,
    He warmed the back benches of the class
    we all wondered how did this guy pass.
    His abuses resonated between the walls
    whenever he dint agree he said balls.

    He too cool to fit into his own shoes,
    He thinks he gono be so rich he’ll have his own cruize.
    He walks with a swagger with his chin held up high,
    Cause he has me as a friend by his side.

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