Him and Her

They met through common connections. She was dating someone else and so was he. They became friends. She would call him for favors every now and then. He would gladly oblige, as he would for any friend.

As time passed, they severed ties with their respective partners and began spending a lot of time together. Movies, pubs, restaurants and even heritage tours. She fell in love with him. He wasn’t so sure. She repeatedly asked him for an answer. He was confused.


He started working, she was still studying. He had 16 hour work days, she had a lot of free time. He was always tired and busy. She always wanted to meet him and spend time with him. She went to his work place and waited hours at an end, so that she could steal him for a quick snack. He wasn’t there for her, at most times. There were days when they didn’t speak at all.

She still persevered. He wasn’t so sure. They trudged along. Soon, he couldn’t do without her presence around him. He fell in love with her. Not because she was beautiful or because she waited for him, but because he had come to realize that she was a delightful person.

By that time, she was frustrated with his inconsistencies. He was always overworked and under-rested. He’d always get angry and frustrated. He didn’t want to work this hard. She pushed him to work harder. She told him she understood.

Soon after, she was busy preparing for her exams and completely shut him out. He felt lost without her, but knew it was necessary. Nothing remained the same after her exams.

He was now madly in love with her. She was in love with him too. But, maybe the intensity had reduced. He wanted her attention all the time. She was busy with her own life. And it all added up.

Finally, one day she told him that she wanted to part ways. He thought, “I’ll fight for us.” She thought, “If I continue this, I will lose my sanity.” She wondered what life would be without having him around. He didn’t even want to think of the possibility.

Somehow, he managed to pull her back into his life. That was probably his first mistake in that relationship. He didn’t realize that by pulling her back, he was pushing her further away. She thought, “I’ll help him through this phase and then leave before he can say anything.” He thought, “I’ll  shower her with so much love, that she won’t think of leaving me.”

They had their ups and downs. They dove deeper into the abyss of love, or so he thought. She completely shut herself out. He was too busy to notice. She always spoke about him and his day and his insecurities and his feelings, never mentioning how she felt. He was too busy to notice.

She celebrated every birthday, anniversary and special occasion with him. She knew that she had to get him through this phase. As he grew closer to her, she became even more distant.

They had such starkly contrasting personalities. He never thought out of the box, she was always being creative, he  had no sense of humor, she was always laughing and joking, he was a certified pessimist, she loved being optimistic. And still, they’d fallen in love with each other.

He had finished the difficult period in his life. She had just entered hers. He was finally ready to give the relationship his all. He felt energized. He thought he knew how he’d make it work.

She was having none of it. She thought, “This is it. I have been unhappy for long enough. Not anymore.” He thought, “I haven’t paid any attention to her for so long and she’s been so fabulous. I’m going to set everything straight.” Maybe he was too late.

She said, “I don’t love you anymore.” He said, “That’s not true! That can’t be true.” She told him, “Believe it or not, it is. Please let me go.”

He thought, “How can I let you go. This can’t be it.” She said, “It is.”

She walked away. He tried to pull her back again. She was adamant. He was heart-broken.

He tried to enter her life again. He helped her whenever she needed help. He was always there for her, when she needed him. This time around, they spoke only about her. He didn’t tell her how he felt. That he wanted to kiss her every time he saw her and straighten things out. She never asked.

She’d done the same for him. She suppressed her feelings for years altogether. He did it for a few months. Eventually, relinquishing to her wishes. He had travelled a full circle.

He had an urge to travel back in time and straighten things out. Unfortunately it was too late…