letting go…..

You came into my life like a fresh breeze,

So full of joy that would have me think,

Without your support my life would sink,

But I had to let go, even though my life would freeze.

Your walk, your talk, your eyes, your smile,

Behind you, made a dozen drooling boys pile,

But it was me you chose, in your life to enclose,

And I made a mess of it somehow, I suppose.

For, after all these years of being besides me,

You want out, you want to be free,

You don’t love me anymore, that’s what you said,

Those words now haunt me everyday in my bed.

But I have to be strong, I have to move on,

I can’t hold on to someone so far gone,

I will not relinquish my faith in love,

This is something that I will rise above,

I’ll accept the truth and get over this,

Praying  that you will, in your life find bliss.


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